On Amazon EC2’s Underlying Architecture

AWS EC2 の内部構造についての記事。xenstore は気がつかなかった。


windows 版 64bit インスタンス でハマっている様子が…

(追記) 実際に xenstore-ls したら、Permission Denied になったのですが、下記のコメントがありました。

Right, I should have written about xenstore-ls a bit more. XenStore only allows access to the branch related to your own domain, but since we don’t know the exact domain id, we have to “bruteforce” it. For example: for i in `seq 1 500`; do xenstore-ls /local/domain/$i; done. For a certain $i you get the dump of your VM config. You may have to adjust the range (I also had one domain id in the 2000 range). After that you can get more information about the vbds and vifs by performing a xenstore-ls on their paths.

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