Cluster Compute Instances for Amazon EC2


Each Cluster Compute Instance consists of a pair of quad-core Intel “Nehalem”  X5570 processors with a total of 33.5 ECU (EC2 Compute Units), 23 GB of RAM, and 1690 GB of local instance storage, all for $1.60 per hour.

Cluster Compute Instances are connected using a 10 Gbps network.

The Cluster Compute Instances use hardware-assisted (HVM) virtualization instead of the paravirtualization  used by the other instance types and requires booting from EBS, so you will need to create a new AMI in order to use them.

This result places us at position 146 on the Top500 list of supercomputers.



Is Amazon the Official Cloud Standard?

Google が EC2 の対抗として、IssS に進出するという噂に呼応して、また、先ごろ発表された、Google Stotage (GS) が S3 API 準拠であるという事から、EC2 API についての議論繰り広げられています。