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金曜日, 9月 25th, 2009

面白そうな data store


木曜日, 9月 24th, 2009


The Simple Cloud API project empowers developers to use one interface to interact with a variety of cloud application services, enabling them to more easily access new technologies from cloud vendors. The first deliverables will include interfaces for file storage, document database, and simple queue services from platforms like Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network and Rackspace Cloud Files.  As a result, developers can deploy software applications to access services in these environments without making time consuming and expensive changes to their source code.


木曜日, 9月 17th, 2009


The CDN service is free and available for anyone in the community to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.  You do not need to register to take advantage of it.


水曜日, 9月 16th, 2009


ネットワーク的には SAVVIS か